Golf Bits

Golf Canada has a great article called "New Evidence Indicates Golf Improves Muscle Strength And Balance". It's a great read for all golfers.

You can read the article here.

Rules Trivia

Test your Rules of Golf knowledge with this trivia question:


Player A’s ball is on the putting green. Player A marks, lifts and replaces the ball, leaving the ball-marker directly behind the ball. Player A makes a practice swing and accidentally moves his ball. Player A rolls the ball back to its original spot with his putter. Player A picks up the ball-marker and plays the ball.

A: One-Stroke Penalty
B: Two-Stroke Penalty
C: No Penalty


A: One-Stroke Penalty

There is no penalty for accidentally moving a ball on the putting green. However, the ball must be replaced on the original spot by setting it down on the required spot and letting it go so that it stays on that spot. Rolling the ball back with the putter is not a correct procedure and Player A gets a one-stroke penalty.

See Rule 14.2b(2).

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