2020 Ladies Club Executive

Diane Feist, Club Captain
Susan Fraser, Vice-Captain
Marilyn McRae, Secretary
Chris Nicholls, Treasurer

2020 Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club Board of Directors

Stan Watchorn, President
Paul Klarenbeek, Vice President
Randy Dewar, Past President
Bob Baun, Treasurer
Dave Lamb, Secretary
Jim Fraser, Men's Club Captain
(Vacant), Men's Vice Captain
Diane Feist, Ladies Club Captain
Susie Fraser, Ladies Vice Captain
Mary Jane Charman, Greens, Entertainment, & Publicity
Dave Caldow, Executive at Large

2019 President's Report


2019 has been a successful year. Fortunately we did not have to deal with floods or smoke resulting in a fairly routine and successful season.

The major event this year is the change in ownership. There is always some concern when a significant event like this happens and after one season the transition has been seamless and very positive.

The major tournaments were very well organized and well attended. Thank you to MJ Charman for organizing the "Ladies Classic" and to Dianne Feist for organizing the "Ladies Two Ball'. Both are significant events in the Kelowna Ladies golf scene and were well done. This year the Mens Open saw a resurgence and was a great success. Thank you to Jimmy Fraser and his team for some creative thinking to get this event back to one of the premier men’s events in the Valley.

The Handicap Committee is up and running and has dealt with handicap issues as required.

Similar to past practice I meet with Jeff on a regular basis to discuss any issues that arise with all matters relating to the club. Course condition and improvements are always a topic of discussion, and I will continue to make that a priority as we go forward. I welcome your input and will take any of your concerns to Jeff as we all want continuous improvement in all aspects of the club.

The "Adopt a Hole" initiative continues to be a great success and I want to thank all those who have stepped up and adopted a hole. If you would like to help out please contact one of the executive or Jeff Richard.

I would like to thank all members of the Executive for the time and effort they all put in to make this club work. Finally I want to thank Jeff and his staff, for all of the assistance throughout the year.

Stan Watchorn

2019 Ladies Club Captain Report

Ladies Club Captain Report October 2019


We held our Spring meeting April 17th with 26 members in attendance. Our Fall meeting is scheduled for October 17th. There has been no change in the Ladies Club Executive, it is as follows:

- Diane Feist-Club Captain
- Susan Fraser- Vice Captain
- Marilyn McRae-Secretary
- Chris Nicholls-Treasurer

Zone 2
I attended the Zone AGM at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club April 15th 2019. We were advised The Zone Championships would be held at Shannon Lake Golf Course May 25th & 27th. The Zone will be holding 2 Rules Seminars to roll out all the new rule changes effective January 1, 2019. We unanimously voted that the Zone would only be having one meeting each year going forward.

Fashion Show
This is the Ladies Club major fundraiser and it was held on April 14th with 127 ladies attending. We raised over $1200.00 that we use to support our Ladies Club Tournament.

Ladies Classic: the tournament chair for the last 10 years, MJ Charman has stepped down. Vallee Leyden has agreed to become chair of this tournament. we know this tournament will continue to be a success. The Ladies 2 Ball, although not quite a sell out, had 124 participants. We once again jointly organized this tournament with the pro shop and felt it was also a very successful event.

The ladies members organize a Tuesday morning and Thursday morning leagues for our golfing pleasure. Both leagues are very successful and fun. Thanks to Donna Steeg and her group and Marion Radcliffe and her group for organizing these leagues for us. We really appreciate your time organizing these leagues for our ladies.

Club Tournament
Based on discussions on what tees to play for our Ladies Club Tournament (formerly known as the Club Championships) we decided to offer our ladies a choice of two divisions, the Championship Division and the Combo Division it proved to be a successful decision as we had 48 ladies participate in our 2 day event held Sept 7th & 8th. Our low gross winner in the Championship Division was June Klarenbeek and our low net winner was Irene Fensom.

Year 2 of my reign as Club Captain went relatively smooth. I've decided to stay on as Captain for 1 more year and start searching for some new candidates for next year. I want to thanks my executive for also agreeing to stay on for another year if our members are in agreement to that. I feel we did a good job of running our Ladies Club last year and will be gathering recommendations from our members for any changes they would like us to bring forward at our meeting on Oct 17th.

A huge thank you to Jeff and Lori for making organizing our Ladies Club events so easy. Their food and beverage team is one of the best. Many thanks also to Mike and his Pro shop staff for making planned events run so smoothly.

Inclosing I'm looking forward to another successful year as Ladies Club Captain and I'm so proud to call Sunset Ranch "my" course.

Diane Feist
Ladies Club Captain

2019 Men's Club Captain Report


I started this golf season by polling our membership with an online survey. I asked a few questions and received a response from approximately 40% of our Men's Club members. Although I could anticipate a few of the answers, a couple of them surprised me.

Men's Night
For the most part, our Wednesday Men's Night was well attended. We had 5 Massive Men's Nights including our first Pro-Am. These 5 nights were sold out and the Pro-Am had a waiting list. The club experimented with alternating the starting tee box from the front nine to the back nine and all indications were that was a welcome change. However, I will be making one major change to the Men's Night format for 2020 in that the game will be an 18 hole competition as opposed to the 9 hole game that has been played for many years. Very few members play so late in the day that they can only get 9 holes completed. I realize this may not be a
popular choice for those few but I am confident that the majority will welcome this change.
I am also proposing that every Wednesday in the 2020 golf season be known as Men's Day. This will include our members that play earlier in the day.

With the online survey, I asked about keeping a Men's Night handicap separate from the RCGA index. The response from our membership did not provide an overwhelming indication that a change was required.

Breakfast Club
Again, with the survey, I asked if our membership would like to see a change in the game played on Saturday morning. In years past, the Breakfast Club would have a waiting list. A proposed change was asked in an effort to attract more than the approximate 40 individuals that participated with regularity. The response was an overwhelming no and again this year the Breakfast Club failed to interest many of our members. I am not giving up as I believe there are other factors that can be addressed to increase the level of interest. I will be working with Bob Baun, our Breakfast Club appointee, to monitor the participation and discuss
future plans to encourage more members to take part.

Club Championship
The Club Championship and the Senior Club Championship were combined this year in one weekend of competition. With an aging membership, the youngsters that do not qualify for the Seniors tournament continues to diminish. There were close to 90 members that took part and less than 15% were under 55 years of age.

Invitational Tournament
This years tournament was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Our participation grew, with almost 150 golfers participating, an increase compared to the 127 we had in 2018. This tournament continues to attract a large contingent of golfers from Calgary and the Lower Mainland, as well as several from the surrounding area. I was pleased with the response from our membership with 51 players taking part. In my humble opinion, this tournament is the best value for the out of town and non-member players, many of whom offered their praise and support. I have also worked with Chris Burns and Bob Baun to make it a great value for our membership as well. In addition, our tournament has the largest prize table in the valley with a retail value of $20,000.

The tournament continues to receive tremendous support from our sponsors and this year we are working with additional sponsors that would make the 2020 tournament even better. Our Men's Club owes a huge thank you to both Chris and Bob for their efforts this past year. We are fortunate to have a great relationship with Diane Feist and the Ladies Club. The support from their volunteers is immeasurable and I encourage our Men's Club to help them with their events during our golf season.

Club Captain
This is the end of my two year term as Club Captain. I have been asked to stay on and I have not heard of any members interested in taking my job. As a result, I have agreed to stay on as your captain for an additional two years.

In closing, I am very pleased with the 2019 golf season and the successes we have had. I find it difficult to pinpoint an area that causes any great concern. Our course has seen the best playing conditions in years and I would like to extend our thanks to Bob Brown and the grounds crew for the tireless efforts. Our management team, led by Jeff Richard, is highly supportive of our membership and we cannot thank them enough for what they do for our club.

To all those that were a beneficiary to the prize tables, 50/50 draws or just those that had a great time this past year, I say congratulations. I look forward to an even better 2020.

Jim Fraser
Men's Club Captain

2019 Vice President/Handicap Committee Report

OCT 15 2019
Vice President's report / Handicap committee

The 2019 golf season has concluded with no more than a few minor handicap issues (ie: not entering all scores and not entering properly as tournament scores).

Thanks to the Handicap committee and our Pros and management we were able to resolve these issues easily.

Moving forward the new Handicap system that is to be implemented in 2020 could be a challenge. We will be doing our best to become informed so that we will be able to help our members adapt.

Thanks and looking forward to helping you in 2020.

Paul Klarenbeek

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