Sunset Ranch Ladies League Ringer Board

What is it?

The Ringer Board is a friendly competition among fellow Sunset Ranch Ladies leagues players. The challenge is for each player to improve their gross scores on each hole over a set period of time from a specific set of tees. The Ringer Board will display your first gross score and any subsequent best score for each hole as the season progresses. Your Ringer scorecard is the total of the lowest scores on each hole at the end of the season. The more you play the better your chances.

How is it played?

Each hole score on the first day of the Ringer competition, becomes your baseline score. This will be entered on the Ringer Board on the top line by your name. After the first 18 holes are recorded, participants will record only an improved score for each hole after each day of play. Scores entered shall be GROSS scores only and NOT NET scores.

For example, if you score a 7 on hole #1 on your first day of Ringers play, then 7 is your baseline score for hole #1. If, on another league day, you score a 5 on hole #1, then 5 would be entered under the seven on the best score line and remain there until you score better than a 5. If you then score a 4 on hole #1, you would erase the 5 and replace it with the 4. At the end of the season the Ringer Board would then show your best score for each hole played during the competition season.

The Ringer Board is a year round competition that starts in May and continues to the Thursday before the club championship. You may start any time after the beginning of May. You do not have to play a minimum number of holes for your score to count towards the Ringer Board.

Terms of Competition

  1. Participants must be a member of the Sunset Ranch Ladies Club.
  2. Scores can be entered only from play in the Tuesday Morning Ladies League and/or Thursday Ladies League at Sunset Ranch.
  3. Scores entered must be from the same set of tees each time.
  4. Eligible scores can be from stroke play events only.
  5. Once the baseline score has been entered, it is the responsibility of the Ringers participant to record their scores as soon as possible after playing. This is based on an honour system.

How are Winners Determined?

Winners will be based on the lowest net score (Ringer scorecard less average handicap) at the end of the Ringer competition period. The average handicap will be determined as follows – The handicap in effect on the first day of competition and the handicap in effect on the last day will be added and averaged.

E.g. First handicap is 20 and the last handicap is 18 the average is 19. 19 will be used to calculate the net Ringer score.

How Do I Enter?

Starting the first week of May, drop your completed scorecard for the Ringers competition into the box located under the bulletin board in the Ladies locker room. Only one player per scorecard please.

Please indicate the tees from which you will be playing in the Ringers competition on this scorecard. This first score will be entered on the ringer board for you. Entering of any subsequent improved scores is the player’s responsibility.

Is There a Cost?

To make this a little more fun, we are charging an entry fee of $5. All monies collected will be paid out as prizes. Prizes will be awarded to the ladies at the end of the year with the lowest 18 hole NET score over the competition period.

There will be a minimum of two sections – the white tees and the combo tees. If there are enough participants from the red tees, there will be a further section. Sections may be flighted depending on the number of participants.

The amount of prize money allocated to each of the tees will be based on the number of participants from each tee. Once your initial scorecard is submitted, the $5 fee will be charged to your account by the proshop.


Question: Can I use a score from a game other than the two ladies’ leagues?
Answer: NO. This is a ladies league competition. Only scores from the Tuesday Morning League and Thursday league may be used

Question: Do I submit my scorecard every week?
Answer: No. Only after the first game you play after the beginning of May in order to establish your baseline score. After that, you are responsible to update the Ringer Board with any improved scores.

Question: If I am unable to play the first game in May, can I still participate?
Answer: Yes. You can join on any Tuesday or Thursday after the first Tuesday of May by submitting your scorecard into the Ringers box in the proshop.

Question: I play from both the white tees and the combo tees. How do I enter my scores?
Answer: You must indicate from which tees you are playing for the Ringers Competition when you submit your scorecard and only your scores from that set of tees can be entered. However, you may participate in both sections of the Ringers by paying another $5 and submitting another scorecard from the other set of tees. Please indicate on your initial scorecard that you submit for which set of tees the scorecard is to be used. When updating the Ringer Board, you must be careful to enter the improved scores on the correct side of the competition according to the tees from which you played that day.

Question: I play from the red tees. Can I participate?
Answer: Yes. However, we need at least three ladies entered who are playing from the red tees.

Question: Where will the Ringer Board be located?
Answer: In the ladies locker room, just below the bulletin board.

Ringer Board Example

In the above example Ringer Board, the top (black) numbers are the baseline scores. The red numbers are the improved scores. Sue has a GROSS score for the Ringer competition of 90 and Mary has a Gross score of 76. The average handicap will be subtracted from this figure to establish the final Ringer score. Sue did not improve her score on holes # 4,6,13 and 16 so the baseline score is counted for those holes.

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