2021 Ladies Club Executive

Marie-Anne Nason, Club Captain
Judy Hnit, Vice-Captain
Terry Churchill, Secretary
Mary Jane Charman, Treasurer

2021 Ladies Club Sub-Committees

Communications - Lea Ann Dent
Welcome Committee - Heather Perrie
Ladies Classic - Vallee Leyden
Ladies 2-Ball - Diane Feist
Tuesday Morning League - Donna Steeg
Thursday Morning League - Marilyn Steinhauer, June Klarenbeek, Bea Yamaoka, MJ Charman
Home and Away - MJ Charman
Handicap Chair - Judy Hnit
Rules Chair - Cody Bell & Mike Loewen, CPGA Professionals

Ladies Committee Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2021

2:30 PM, Sunset Ranch Clubhouse

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason (Captain)
  • Judy Hnit (Vice-Captain)
  • Terry Churchill (Secretary)
1. Treasurer’s Report/Banking/Budget
  • MJ Charman has decided to resign as Treasurer. We express our sincere thanks to MJ for her work for the Ladies Club.
  • It was decided we will wait until the 2022 golf season to find a replacement.
  • We have the Club Championship and the Season WindUp where there will be expenses. Preliminary budgeting is in progress.
  • A financial report will be distributed before the WindUp
a) Fundraising Update
  • Lexus Kelowna has made a cash donation to the Ladies Club.
  • The Raffle Basket generated some funds to the Ladies Club and the winner was a 9 hole Sunset Ranch member.
2. Ladies Club Succession Planning
  • Ongoing work in progress by Marie-Anne.
a) Communications
  • Newsletters are well received
  • Website updates are ongoing.
b) Events
  • Home and Away – 2 teams played the first round at Predator Ridge and the second round was at Sunset Ranch.
  • The event scheduled with Spallumcheen Golf & Country Club was cancelled due to the evacuation alerts in the area.
  • The event with The Harvest Golf Club was successful and we had 4 players from Sunset Ranch participate.
  • The Season WindUp is scheduled for September 28 th and we will create an event on Golf Genius. RSVP’s will be expected.
  • The Ringer Board results will be shared at the WindUp.
3. Tournaments
  • Club Championship is going to be held September 11 and 12.
  • Solheim Cup is scheduled for October 2 and 3
  • Marie-Anne will contact GM to discuss the Club Championship dates for 2022. We will ask for feedback from our members when we circulate a survey, in the Fall.
Adjourned at 3:45 pm

June 2, 2021

1:00 PM, Sunset Ranch Clubhouse

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason (Captain)
  • Judy Hnit (Vice-Captain)
  • MJ Charman (Treasurer)
  • Terry Churchill (Secretary)
  • A few reminders will be on the next newsletter.
  • A revised budget was circulated with the addition of a donation from Jana Ingram, and the addition of $400.00 from the Clinic with the Pro. Sincere Thank you to Mike Loewen for coordinating the clinics.
a) Fundraising Update
  • Working with Pro Shop to develop a Raffle Basket as a fund raiser for the Ladies Club. Basket will be displayed and tickets sold in the Pro Shop at determined times. Adrianna Hinkelman has agreed to work with the Proshop to look after that event. Content of basket and pricing will be communicated as soon as details are available.
  • A cash donation was received by Jana Ingram.
  • Ongoing work in progress by Marie-Anne.
  • Mary Jane Charman, Judy Hnit and Terry Churchill have confirmed they will be stepping down after their 2 year commitment which will be the end of season 2022.

a) League Play Tuesday/Thursday
  • Leagues are running efficiently with the introduction of Golf Genius.
b) House/Social Committee
  • Ringer Board - There will be a reminder in the next newsletter about the signup for the ringer board and also reminding Ladies to revise their scores.
c) Communications
  • Newsletters are well received.
  • Website updates are ongoing.
d) Events
  • Home and Away - 2 teams played the first round at Predator Ridge and the second round will be at Sunset Ranch on June 18. There is a Match scheduled at The Harvest, in August.

a) The 3 person 3 tee event is now accepting registration. We will have a poster designed and printed and we will put it in the locker room, restrooms, and the proshop.

b) Club Championship is going to be held September 11 and 12.

c) Solheim Cup has been confirmed with our General Manager and the Proshop and qualifying criteria and dates will be communicated shortly. The qualifying for the event will be dependant on the Gross Scores from the Club Championship and the tee boxes will be Tournament tee boxes where everyone plays from the same tee box.

  • Marie-Anne attended the meeting and the minutes are posted on our website.
  • We had 7 teams participate in the BC Golf Women’s Day Scramble.

Adjourned at 2:45 pm

March 31, 2021

11:00 AM (Via Zoom)

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason (Captain)
  • Judy Hnit (Vice-Captain)
  • MJ Charman (Treasurer)
  • Terry Churchill (Secretary)
  • Guests: Cody Bell (Pro Shop), Marilyn Steinhauer (Thursday Ladies League), Donna Steeg (Tuesday Ladies League)

a) Golf Genius update
  • Cody provided an overview of the benefits of Golf Genius, a league and tournament software that organizes leagues and tournaments and streamlines the registration/signup/cancellation process.
  • It provides easier communication between the Pro Shop, leagues and their members. It provides league organizers with a wait list once the tee times are full and provides status via email directly to members when they; signup, their status changes (move from wait list to entered), or they cancel.
  • It is extremely important that if members need to cancel prior to game day, to cancel as early as possible through Golf Genius. If cancellation occurs after registration closes members should contact the League Organizer or the Pro Shop. We do not want to see spaces going unused if there are ladies on the wait list.
  • There is a link to Golf Genius on the front page of the Ladies Member page.
  • No activity on the account.
  • We will be receiving a Zone 2 rebate of approx. $324 for 2021 and approx. $306 for 2020.
a) Fundraising Update

i) Acorn Communities Acorn has donated a cash donation to the Ladies Club and a cash donation to the Ladies 2 Ball tournament. In addition, Acorn Communities is also given a donation to our Tuesday Morning and Thursday morning Leagues.

ii) Clinic with the Pro – This is a fundraising effort for the Ladies Club made possible with the generous donation of lessons provided by our Pro Shop staff. Tentative clinic schedule is as follows:
  • Apr 20 and 22 - Chipping
  • Apr 27 and 29 - Putting
  • May 4 and 6 - Sand Play
  • 6 people per clinic, $10.00 per clinic
  • Sign up sheet will be coordinated through the Pro Shop starting on April 12.
iii) Raffle Basket
  • Working with Pro Shop to develop a Raffle Basket as a fund raiser for the Ladies Club.
  • Basket will be displayed and tickets sold in the Pro Shop.
  • Content of basket and pricing will be communicated as soon as details are available.
  • Ongoing work in progress by Marie-Anne.

a) Welcome Committee
  • Heather and Linda have contacted 12 new members.
  • The contact to the new members was positive and appreciated.
b) League Play Tuesday/Thursday
  • Leagues are getting organized to start the league play Tuesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 15.
  • Watch for weekly sign-up information.
c) House/Social Committee
  • Ringer Board - Slight change in where to put your first game card. Rather than hand it in to the Pro Shop, Judy will put a clearly marked box on the table below the bulletin board in the ladies’ locker room.
d) Communications
  • Website - Seems to be working well with the changes that have been made over the last few weeks.
e) Events
  • Home and Away – We have 8 signed up for Predator and 3 for Harvest. Okanagan Club is a no go at this time but may entertain a club exchange in late September. Due to increasing Covid 19 numbers will have to follow-up with contacts to confirm if they are still a go as well as checking with our Pro Shop.

a) 3 Members Tournaments (plus Club Championship) is being planned.

b) Ladies 2 Ball – Waiting for information from Diane Feist about status of tournament.

  • April 12 Zone 2 meeting.
  • Meeting is scheduled for April 12, via Zoom. Marie-Anne will attend.

February 19, 2021 (Via Zoom)

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason, Captain
  • Terry L. Churchill, Secretary
  • MJ Charman, Treasurer
  • Judy Hnit, Vice Captain
  • Marie-Anne will forward the latest version for executive review and approval and once received will go in the next newsletter.
a) Treasurer’s Report/Banking
  • No activity on account
b) Fundraising
  • As fundraising efforts have been severely hampered with Covid 19 we will need to come up with some alternative ways to raise funds for the Ladies Club. Terry will investigate fundraising permits etc. and talk to Jeff to see if they have permits and if so, are we covered under that for raffles etc.
  • Mike has agreed to do 3 golf clinics for the Lady members, putting, chipping and bunker. We still need to confirm pricing, scheduling and any further details with Mike. All proceeds will go to the Ladies Club to fund events throughout the year.
  • Ideas for gift baskets were brought forward. Mike is looking into a golf gift basket, which we would raffle off.
  • MJ and Marie-Anne have contacted some individuals/companies to see if there is the possibility of a donation to the Ladies Club

a) Ladies League Survey Results
  • We received 77 respondents to the survey. Most comments were positive with a few good suggestions for the Executive.
b) Resulting from the responses,
  • Marie-Anne will work on some procedures for our Ladies Club Executive Succession Planning.
  • Finalizing the process for distributing the Ladies Club Executive Meeting Minutes to the membership.
  • Comments were received relative to the Club House and Pro Shop and these comments will be passed on to the Course Management team and the Sunset Ranch Society President.

a) Welcome Committee
  • Membership list is not yet finalized. Will provide to Heather Perrie once it is finalized.
b) House/Social Committee
  • Eclectic/Ringer Board - Judy Hnit is finalizing the set-up for a Ladies Club Ringer Board. Details will be communicated in the coming weeks, through the newsletter.
  • Pins for Milestones - We will postpone this activity for 2021.
c) Communications
  • Newsletter - Ready to go out within the next couple of weeks A “News from the Pro Shop” section will be included for the newsletter.
  • Website - Marie-Anne and Lea Ann are working with Chris on corrections and updates.
  • Bulletin Board in Locker Room - Nothing new to report.
  • Distribution of Minutes - Details on the distribution of Ladies Executive Meeting Minutes will be finalized by the end of March.
d) Events
  • Welcome Reception - It is unlikely that it will be possible to host a Welcome Reception. A decision will be made by mid March.
  • Home and Away - MJ and Judy to include information in next Newsletter.

a) Ladies Classic
  • Cancelled for 2021.
b) Ladies 2 Ball
  • No new information.
c) Club Championship
  • Club Championship will remain Sept 11/12 for this year. We will book for last week in August for 2022. This will allow a bit more time for the Pro Shop to organize the Solheim Cup.

a) Ladies Executive/Bylaws
  • Marie-Anne will work on this through the year to have something ready for our next election.

December 10, 2020 (Via Zoom)

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason, Captain
  • Judy Hnit, Vice Captain
  • Terry L. Churchill, Secretary
  • MJ Charman, Treasurer
  • MJ forwarded to executive a draft mission statement/core values. Executive to review and provide comments back to MJ.
a) Roles and Responsibilities of Executive Members
  • We added Fundraising to the list of Responsibilities as was prepared by Marie-Anne
b) Treasurer’s Report/Banking
  • Banking documents have been signed by all executive and are with BMO Orchard Plaza
  • No activity on account
  • $200 gratuity was paid to pro shop in October,2020
  • MJ to review Zone 2 rebate, Jeff will be issuing a cheque for $303.00 in early Spring.
  • Interclub not in budget, to be discussed in the Spring
  • Donations to Classic and 2 Ball Tournaments MJ advised that the Ladies club has not provided a donation to these events in the recent past years. If requested by the tournament organizers, we will review at the time.

a) Tuesday morning survey results were received from Donna Steeg.

b) Ladies League Survey
  • Marie-Anne has started to compile questions for the survey and will provide prior to our next meeting for review Survey to go out between end of January and mid-February.

a) Tuesday Business Ladies
  • This is managed by the Pro Shop as it includes non-members, the website will be updated in the near future.
b) Welcome Committee
  • Heather Perrie is all set with guidelines and will work with Marie-Anne to ensure new member information is communicated.
c) House/Social Committee
  • Ultimate/Eclectic Scorecard, or Ringer Board. Judy will coordinate the Board. Information on how to participate will be communicated through the Newsletter, in the Spring.
  • Pins for Milestones - We are looking at running a program. More information will be coming through the Newsletter.
d) Communications (Lea-Ann Dent - joined the meeting)

  1. Newsletter
  • Marie-Anne advised she had received several positive comments regarding the newsletter. The Newsletter is posted on the website.
  • Discussed frequency of the Newsletter and felt that quarterly was more than sufficient during the off season but perhaps monthly during the golf season (May -October).
  1. Website
  • Marie-Anne/Lea Ann are still working with Chris Burns and will continue to update the site.
  1. Minutes Distribution
  • Discussion took place to decide how and where the Executive Minutes are to be distributed and stored. No decision was made.
  • Bulletin Board in Locker Room
  • The bulletin board has been cleaned off as some of the information was outdated.
  • Lea Ann Dent will act as the conduit for the bulletin board (this should be communicated to members in the next Newsletter and perhaps a note posted on the board directing members who to contact prior to posting anything).
  • Donna Steeg has requested space for the Tuesday morning Birdie Tree - Agreed by Executive
e) Events

  1. Fundraiser
  • Fashion show has been fundraiser in the past, however with the pandemic we are unsure if this will be possible in the spring. “His & Hers" are willing to work with us again, but wanted it held outside and no later than the first week in May. We will need further discussion including with SR/Jeff to see how we might be able to hold this event.
  1. Welcome Reception
  • This is something we would like to do for all Sunset Ranch Ladies. A get together early in the spring “Sip & Dip” perhaps with wine, tastings from local wineries. Will need to discuss with SR (Jeff) to explore how we might hold this event.
  1. Home and Away Events
  • Judy has spoken with Catherine @ Harvest and they would be interested however it would be limited to 4 members from each club.
  • MJ will contact Predator Ridge to see if they are interested in an exchange for 2021. Possibly 8 members from each club Also, the Okanagan Club may be interested - Judy will contact.
  • Any events of this type will have to include all members on a first come basis with participation in 1 event per member, assuming that we have more members interested than we have spots. Information will be in the newsletter.
  • The Ladies Club would like to hold 3 or 4 tournaments for its members in 2021. Will need to discuss with SR/Jeff, but thoughts are to have a Memorial tournament in June, 4 lady team tournament in July, Club Championship in August and a SR Ladies Cup/(Solheim) in September. These are in addition to the SR Ladies Classic in May and the 2-Ball in August which include non-members and in addition to member events managed by the Pro Shop.
  • Ladies Classic (May) Vallee Leyden
  • Ladies 2 Ball (August) Diane Feist
  • Club Championship (August/September) Pro Shop
  • Meeting is to discuss Ladies Club wish list and tournaments for 2021.
Next Executive meeting tentatively scheduled for January 14, 2021 at 10am via Zoom.

October 20, 2020

In Attendance:

  • Marie-Anne Nason, Captain
  • Judy Hnit, Vice Captain
  • Terry L. Churchill, Secretary
  • MJ Charman, Treasurer
Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am

  • All nominated Executive members accepted the nominations and are confirmed members of the Executive of the Ladies League.

Discussion took place regarding developing a Mission Statement for the League and what the Core Values of the Ladies League are:
  • To provide golf/social events for all lady members.
  • Engage and encourage members to have fun and participate in golf at all levels.
  • Encourage all members to participate in league and club events.
  • Maintain a quality relationship with Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club Society.
  • Maintain a quality, positive relationship with the Golf Course Management and Proshop.
  • Make Sunset Ranch Ladies League a fun club that others want to belong to.
  • Promote SR Ladies Club within and outside SR
  • Provide opportunities and vehicles for members to learn golf rules and etiquette and coordinate events such as putting, chipping clinics
  • Zone 2 Club Executive form was filled out by Marie-Anne and forwarded to the Zone 2 representative.
  • AGM for the Society was held on October 17th. Marie-Anne Nason and Judy Hnit attended the meeting as the designated representatives on the Board.
  • Marie-Anne confirmed that she would forward the Executive Minutes to the President of the Board for all Executive Meetings.
  • The president, Stan Watchorn confirmed that any concerns that relate to the golf course which need to be reported to Management, be sent to the Board through the Ladies League Captain.
  • Question arose from Ladies Executive asking if the Society carries insurance for the Directors. Stan Watchorn confirmed that there is no insurance for Directors.
  • Marilyn Steinhauer sent a request to the Ladies who regularly golf the Thursday League. The feedback which came back was that it would be preferred to have earlier tee times during the high heat months, July and August. The Thursday coordinators will work with the Proshop to see how to work with that request.
  • Donna Steeg also is hoping to send a survey out to the Tuesday league participants.
  • The Ladies League is also hoping to send a survey to all Ladies Members.

a) Tuesday Morning League
  • Donna Steeg has agreed to continue to run that league and is welcoming members who might want to work with her in the hope of training for taking over in 2022.
b) Tuesday Business Ladies
  • The Executive agreed that this league remains an event coordinated by the proshop.
c) Thursday Morning League
  • Marilyn Steinhauer, June Klarenbeek, MJ Charman, Bea Yamoaka, Kathy Richdale will coordinate that league for 2021.
d) Welcome Committee
  • Heather Perrie has volunteered to chair this committee and she looks forward to welcoming new members to our League. Lynda Braham will be working with Heather.
e) House/Social Committee
  • Needs to be defined.
f) Communications
  • Lea Ann Dent has agreed to take this committee and will coordinate the newsletter which we are planning to launch in November. Lea Ann will also coordinate the posters, and the bulletin board in the Ladies Locker room. Betty Watchorn has agreed to co-chair the Communications committee.
  • Marie-Anne will work with the golf course and the past presidents to ensure that a comprehensive, effective email list is available for current membership.
g) Rules Chair
  • Joan Wood
h) Handicap Chair
  • Judy Hnit
h) Junior Chair
  • No Junior branch at this time.
i) Match Play
  • To be determined.
j) Interclub
  • To be determined.

a) Christmas Luncheon
  • Dale Copland has graciously offered to coordinate the Christmas Luncheon and we look forward to getting more details.
b) Annual Fundraiser
  • It was determined that we do need an annual fundraiser and we will confirm with the Golf Course on being able to host an event and determine what the event will look like in 2021. The annual fundraiser is needed for the Club Championship event.
c) Welcome Reception
  • We hope to host a Welcome Reception in the Spring and we will work with the Golf Course on determining how and when we can host it.

a) Ladies Classic
  • Vallee Leyden is chairperson for that tournament and details should be coming in the New Year.
b) Ladies 2 Ball
  • Diane Feist is planning to chair that tournament and details should also be coming in the New year.
c) Club Championship
  • The timing of the tournament will be decided after the Executive meets with the Golf Course and a survey is sent to the members asking their preference for a date.
We hope to be able to plan and run a few more different events and tournaments for members next year.

  • Bank Account will remain at BMO Orchard Park. Diane Feist will coordinate the communication to the bank and MJ will get the paperwork updated at the bank. All 4 Executive members will be signing officers. Marie Anne Nason, Judy Hnit, Terry Churchill and MJ Charman will be signing officers.
  • Confirmed that the Ladies Club funding is based on the year end membership of the previous year and that a fee of $3 is paid to Zone 2, the amount is based on the total Lady members. This fee is part of the $75 fee that all members pay as part of their annual dues and the Golf Course pays this amount on our behalf.
The Ladies Club Executive plans on holding quarterly meetings and will be inviting all Committee chairs to attend or send a report/feedback/comments to the Executive.

One of our goals is to write a Mission Statement for our League and if there are ladies who excel in that area, we would welcome the expertise.

We look forward to continue to operate a Ladies League in a fun, positive, inclusive and transparent environment.

©2021 Sunset Ranch Ladies Club
5101 Upper Booth Rd S, Kelowna, BC V1X 7V8