2021 Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club Board of Directors

Stan Watchorn, President
Paul Klarenbeek, Vice President
Bob Baun, Treasurer
Dave Lamb, Secretary
Jimmy Fraser, Men's Club Captain
(Vacant), Men's Vice Captain
Marie-Anne Nason, Ladies Club Captain
Judy Hnit, Ladies Vice Captain
Mary Jane Charman, Greens, Entertainment, & Publicity
Tom Watters, Executive at Large

2020 President's Report

2020 has been a different experience for all of us. Many of the regular events at SSR were cancelled or modified to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions.

The big difference this year, is the increased play by members and green fee players. As a result, the course is somewhat stressed, and the level of wear and tear is much more that normal. I am encouraged to see the increased level of maintenance and the commitment of ownership to execute the plans developed by our General Manager and his team.

The Adopt-a-Hole program continues to be very helpful. Thank you to those who have volunteered. We recognize that it is somewhat difficult to access the course during this busy period so this will be a discussion point going forward.

I want to thank the entire Board for their efforts this year. Even though Covid-19 has put a damper on many events, we have had a very successful year. I want to that Jimmy Fraser and Dianne Feist for their creative thinking to ensure the Men’s and Ladies Clubs were active during this period. Thanks to Paul Klarenbeek for the work on the handicap committee and Senior Men’s.

Dianne Feist and Susan Fraser have completed their term on the Board and are resigning. Thanks to both of you for the work you have put in during your term.

It has been a pleasure working with the SSR Team. The SSR Staff have been an incredible support and I thank Jeff and his team for everything they do.

It is my view that we are moving in a very positive direction and I look forward to a successful 2021.

Stan Watchorn

2020 Ladies Club Captain Report


Meetings: Our Spring meeting normally scheduled in April was not held due to COVID-19. Our Fall meeting is scheduled for October 14th. There has been no change in the Ladies Club Executive, it is as follows:

  • Diane Feist-Club Captain
  • Susan Fraser- Vice Captain
  • Marilyn McRae-Secretary
  • Chris Nicholls-Treasurer
Election of a new Ladies Club Executive will happen at our AGM October 14th. We will advise the Board of the new Executive after that meeting.

Zone 2 Meeting: Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Fashion Show: Cancelled due to COVID-19.

  • Sunset Ranch Ladies Classic-cancelled due to COVID-19. Tournament chair Valee Layden has her committee ready to go to deliver another great Ladies Classic next year.
  • Sunset Ranch Ladies 2 Ball-cancelled due to COVID-19. I will continue to chair this event and look forward to hosting another fun event next year.
  • In response to many of our ladies club members wanting additional Ladies Club events our Ladies Club held a 4 Lady Tournament August 31st this year. We had 64 ladies play in a 4 Lady format. A big thank you to Brad Datto, Poo Worx, Craftsman Collision and Acorn Homes for supporting our tournament. Without their support our events would look a lot different.
Leagues: The ladies members organize a Tuesday morning and Thursday morning leagues for our golfing pleasure. Both leagues are very successful and fun. Thanks to Donna Steeg and Marion Radcliffe and her group for organizing these leagues for us. We really appreciate your time organizing these leagues for our ladies to enjoy.

Club Tournament: This event was held Sept 12th & 13th with 51 ladies participating. We followed the format established last year and offered our ladies a choice of two divisions the Championship Division and the Combo Division. We had 51 ladies participating. The overall gross winner was Iris Nielsen and the overall net winner was Mar Mckay. In recognition of the new handicapping rules the Overall Net winner could qualify from either division. A huge thanks again to Acorn Homes (Carman & Greg Bird) who provided financial support for our event. The proceeds from our annual Fashion Show usually partially finance our Club Tournament but as it was cancelled we would have had a different looking event if Acorn Homes had not provided their support. We also want to end a huge thank you to KFW Foods (Cheryl & Kevin White) for providing our appies on Saturday after golf. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Year 3 of my reign as Club Captain went relatively smooth even with the challenges COVID 19 presented. I’m looking forward to handing over the reins of Club Captain to the successful candidate. A big thanks to my executive Susie Fraser, Marilyn McRae and Chris Nicholls for all their help and support over the past 3 years. A huge thank you to Jeff & Lori who make planning Club events seamless and to Mike and his Pro shop staff for helping with all of our events and for keeping our course in such great shape. It was a pleasure to work with Stan Watchorn and the Sunset Ranch executive. In closing thanks to everyone for their support over the past 3 years and all the best to the new executive you are going to enjoy your opportunity to work with a great bunch of people.

Diane Feist
Club Captain

2020 Men's Club Captain Report

It would be an understatement to say that this 2020 golf season had its challenges. It created a significant amount of work to provide events and maintain a golf calendar that compared to last year.

The pandemic pre-empted the opening of our course and forced the cancellation or changes to how we approached the golf season.

Men’s Day

The biggest change to our Men’s Day was the switch to an 18-hole competition. This change proved to be an acceptable option as our attendance saw a slight increase in participants.

In addition and because of the virus, we cancelled all of our Massive Men’s Nights as well as our Pro-Am tournament. The understandable lack of sponsorships played a major role in that decision.

Because of this, I created a golf calendar comprised of different formats for Men’s Day. They included combo tees, two man scrambles, best nets, hidden hole, a Red Tee day, and our usual stroke play competition. Additionally, we included a separate White Tee division for our standard stroke play competition and several players took part making that decision a positive one.

I received several positive comments regarding the calendar and the different formats we played. There were a couple of other formats I did not get to try this year, so I have marked them for next year’s calendar. As always, I am available to hear any ideas from our Men’s Club regarding formats or suggestions to make our Wednesday’s a better experience for our membership.

Breakfast Club

This year, our Breakfast Club mentor, Bob Baun opted out of his membership. We hope that as conditions improve, Bob will return to his post.

This year’s Breakfast Club saw an average of 34 players each Saturday morning. We continued to play the same format and the competition this year was very close as it seems to be each year.

I am thankful for the help I received from Mr. Chris Burns. Chris continues to take an active role in our Breakfast Club and keeps our website updated. Thanks Chris for all you do, it is greatly appreciated.

Club Championship

Once again, the Club Championship and the Senior Club Championship were combined this year in to one weekend of competition. Participation saw a slight increase and our weather could not have been better. Congratulations to our 2020 club champion Tim Talmey and low net winner Orvan Fudge. Our 2020 senior club champion is Dale McDonald.

Invitational Tournament

Unfortunately, this past April, I cancelled our 2020 Invitational tournament. It quickly became clear that hosting this event in the midst of the unknown would not have been a good idea. The clubhouse could not confirm that they would be open and to this day changes remain in effect. There was a large contingent of participants from out of town and at the time of the decision to cancel, hotels were closed and options for their housing were limited. In the end I could not see hosting an event that would pale in comparison to the great success we had in 2019.

As I look forward, hosting an event in 2021 remains uncertain. However, if there is an opportunity, I promise that I will work hard to ensure that we regain the momentum we’ve seen in the past few years and make this tournament one of the best in the Valley.

3 Clubs and a Putter

What started out as an attempt to get a few guys together quickly turned in to a major event. The format called for playing a round of golf with 3 clubs of your choice and your putter seemed to be more popular than anticipated. It quickly became apparent that through all the restrictions and social distancing, the need for competition remained high.

A sign-up sheet created for 48 participants filled up in one day. Not wanting to turn anyone away, this turned from an afternoon on the golf course to an all-day tournament. Thanks to Paul Klarenbeek for organizing the Senior Men’s Club and adding them to the list.

The support of this event led to filling the vacancy left by the Men’s Invitational.

Perry n’ Stans 3-Man Shootout

The cancellation of the Men’s Invitational left an open weekend in July. Thanks to the comments and suggestions from a few of our members, Perry n’ Stan’s 3-Man Shootout was born. Held in memory of two members we lost this past spring, Perry Schneider and Stan Shelenko, this tournament was a surprising amount of fun and an overwhelming success. This tournament quickly sold out and with a waiting list we put out 34 teams of members, some of whom have never played golf with or knew each other.

The unique format and incredible finish has led to finding a new date on next year’s golf calendar. I would also like to thank those members that stepped up and sponsored on short notice. Their commitment to this event helped immensely.

I will be meeting with management early next year to find a weekend to once again run this member only tournament.

Club Captain

At last year’s AGM, I agreed to an additional two year term as club captain. I do not take this appointment lightly and I appreciate all the comments and criticisms I receive. I try to make myself available and to meet each and every member. This is a great Men’s Club and I truly enjoy working to make our group better and the golf season enjoyable.


I work with an incredible staff led by Mr. Jeff Richard. Our working relationship continues to grow and the work put in to this crazy year was rewarding. Our pro shop staff, Mike Loewen, Cody Bell and Oli Rizun, work very hard and their assistance with our various formats and scoring systems should be noted. These people deserve our thanks. Their willingness to help and try new ideas makes our season fun for everyone.

Thank you to Diane Feist and the Lady’s Club for their assistance. They are quick to help with 50/50 tickets, hole spotters and anything that requires that little bit extra. Thank you.

I offer my congratulations to all our winners, whether it’s a 50/50 or a chance at one of our amazing prize tables. This has definitely been a golf season to remember. New tournaments, new formats for Men’s Day, and overwhelming support from our membership have made this year extremely rewarding. I can look back on this year with confidence that we did all we could to ensure that we had fun, made a new friend or won a prize.

I look forward to 2021 with the hope of a better year ahead. I wish you a safe winter and I look forward to seeing you on our course next year.

Jimmy Fraser
Men’s Club Captain

2020 Vice President/Handicap Committee Report


The 2020 season started off with a new Handicap system (World Handicap) which was a learning curve for us all. At the beginning of the season there appeared to be some confusion and apprehension on how to use this system.

In the first part of the season it was noted that less than 50% of scores were being posted as compared to rounds played. Between Jeff, the committee, and the Pro Shop, information and guidance were provided in the form of emails and posters. One of the key things that was emphasized was that if you did not post and you did not have a current handicap you would be ineligible for club competitions.

There was a discussion about the use of the handicap system as we pay Golf Canada a sizeable amount for this service and we would like to see every member using this system.

Thanks to Jeff, Mike, Ollie, Cody and Jim for all their input and help. Looking forward to a great 2021 season.

Paul Klarenbeek

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