2021 Newsletters


December 1, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

Hello Ladies,

We would like to send a sincere "THANK YOU" to all members for a very successful 2021 season.

We're looking forward to 2022. A survey will be sent out within a few weeks. Please give us feedback and recommendations for events you would like to see or formats for tournaments. All feedback is welcome.

As you might be aware, there was a very special tree on Hole #3 where Judy Stephens had put a golf ball many years ago. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Ashlea Maskell and Greg Austin for their amazing work in salvaging the stump that the ball was in.

There is no plan yet as to what to do with the stump. Stay tuned and forward any ideas to Jeff or myself. Here is a photo of the tree stump. Ideas are welcome.

Many members are away, enjoying the sunshine for the winter, and we will miss them at our Christmas luncheon, on December 8th. Best wishes to all our members for a safe and happy holiday season.

Marie-Anne Nason, Club Captain
Judy Hnit, Vice-Captain
Terry Churchill, Treasurer


September 1, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

And all of a sudden, it is September!!!!!

There are a lot of Thanks to extend. We appreciate all the help and the participation in the Ladies Club events and we will look forward to feedback when we conduct our survey at the end of the season.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 1st Annual Memorial tournament.

The short bios which were on the table are now posted on our website, should you want to go have a look. Betty Watchorn did a great job in planning and paying tribute to our past members. Stephanie and Lea Ann coordinated donations and put together great gifts. Thank you to everyone who donated the items for the prize table. Thank you also to Marilyn Steinhauer for her toast to our past members.

Congratulations to Diane Feist and Suzanne Basson for a very successful 2 Ball tournament. It made us all proud to be members at Sunset Ranch.

The minutes from our last Executive Meeting are on the website under Club Info.

Our next event is the Club Championship. Registration is open until September 5. We look forward to having a great weekend, with lots of treats and prizes.

Please note that we are welcoming members to become part of our Executive for next year. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming involved. I have 2 ladies who have agreed to join us next year as Members at Large and we hope they will be receptive to take on a role on the Executive.

Good Luck at the Championship!!!!!!

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain

Rules Corner
Red, Yellow, And White Stakes And Lines And Rules For Each

On a golf course, there are plenty of ways to get into trouble. However, when you find trouble -- be it sand, trees, water or worse -- you also get a clear idea of your options to escape and move on. They come in the form of different colored stakes that tell you the type of penalty area your ball is in and what to do now that you're there.

You will run into three different types of stakes (or sometimes painted lines) on a golf course: red, yellow and white. Each comes with a different set of options and related penalties.

With yellow or red staked areas, you always have the option of playing it out of the penalty area as it lies. You can even play it out of the water but this is a bad idea. Under the 2019 rules of golf, you may ground your club in the penalty area and remove any loose impediments as long as your ball does not move when doing so. There is no penalty stroke imposed under the rules for this option. However, choose wisely as you may end up still in the penalty area and/or in a worse position. You do NOT have this option with white staked areas. If you cannot find the ball and you are certain it is inside the penalty area, or your ball in the penalty area is in an unplayable position, then you can take relief under penalty of one stroke. However, there are defined ways of taking relief and they are not the same for the different coloured stakes.

Do you know your options for taking relief? (Red stakes give you three options, sometimes four). White stakes give you one option. Knowing your options may help your score. Read more to learn more about your options.

Sunset Girls Shine At Spall

Congratulations to Terry Churchill and June Klarenbeek who placed in the gross side of their respective flights at the Spallumcheen Tournament.

Way to go girls!

Harvest GC And Sunset Ranch Tie Home And Away Matches

Congratulations to Adriana Hinkelman, Darlene Baran, Lea Ann Dent and Stephanie Vernon who played in the Home and Away with the Harvest club.

After 4 games (2 at the Harvest and 2 at Sunset) they were all tied up.

Well done!

Spallumcheen Home And Away Cancelled

If it isn’t one thing it’s another this year. Unfortunately the Home and Away scheduled at Spallumcheen for August was cancelled due to the fires. We will not be trying to schedule any further home and away matches for this year.

Hopefully it will be different next year.

Were You The Winner?

The draw for the ultimate golf getaway was made at the Memorial Tournament on August 19th.

Congratulations to Donna Basran, a 9-hole member, who won. Donna and her husband are in for a great weekend.

Holes-In-One And Eagles

Congratulations to Donna Steeg who scored a hole-in-one. That makes three of our members so far this year to make one.

Also, congratulations to Liz Whitehouse on her eagle. Have you scored an eagle this year? If so, let us know.

Who will be next?

Ringer Board Update

Have you been updating your scores on the ringer board?

The last day to update scores will be Thursday September 9th. Ringer winners will be announced at the Wind-up.

Wind-Up And AGM On Tuesday Sept 28

Set aside September 28th at 4 pm for our first annual Ladies Club windup and awards presentation.

We will have an appies bar sponsored by the Ladies Club.

Sign-up will be needed. More info to come.

Club Championship

Have you signed up for the Club Championship?

If you haven’t you are going to be soooo disappointed you didn’t. This is what you will be missing out on.

Competition will be flighted. Both gross and net prizes in each flight. A prize for everyone who enters. An extra special meal with a surprise on each table and a tee gift for everyone.

GOLF 101
Care Of Edges Of The Cup

You may have noticed since the removal of the foamie or metal insert into the cup, there is significant damage being done to the edges of the cups. Nobody likes to see their ball suddenly divert away from the cup due to damage. Some ways to avoid damaging the cup are:

  • NEVER try to retrieve your ball with your putter. If mobility is an issue, please purchase a ball retriever that fits to the handle end of your putter.
  • REMOVE the flag stick and then retrieve your ball. DO NOT try to remove your ball using the flag stick. When replacing the flag stick, be careful not to hit the edge of the cup.
  • If you use your hand, 2 fingers are best.

Please point out to others (including our husbands) if you see them removing the ball incorrectly. This will make the game far more enjoyable for all of us.

Handicap Corner
Have You Entered All Your Scores?

Our club championship is fast approaching. The club championship declares a winner in both gross and net in all flights. It is very important, therefore, that each player has an accurate handicap.

According to the rules of handicapping, a player is expected to:

  1. Submit acceptable scores as soon as possible after a round is completed.
  2. Submit scores to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability.
  3. Act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain from using, or circumventing, the Rules of Handicapping for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage.
Please check your scorecards and ensure all your scores are entered before September 8th.


July 16, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

There are still spots available for our July 29th event and it is great to see the registrations coming in. The net Stableford format is a lot of fun and it will be starting early so we should not have to deal with too much hot weather.

Future events are our Memorial Tournament on August 19th and Club Championship on September 11 and 12. The Solheim Cup will be on October 2 and 3rd. Details will be coming shortly.

The Ladies Club expresses heartfelt condolences to anyone who has suffered a personal loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Thank you to everyone for all the support and Happy Golfing.

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain

Rules Corner
Is My Relief Area One Club-Length or Two Club-Lengths?

When taking relief, the size of the relief area will always be either one club-length in radius, or two club-lengths in radius, depending on the situation.

Under the 2019 Rules of Golf, there are only two situations that provide a relief area with a two club-length radius and both involve the method called lateral relief.

Do you know these two situations and when you can only take one club length?

Net Stableford Tournament

There is still room for you to sign up for our Net Stableford tournament.

Sign-up on golf genius or see the proshop.

Ringer Board

The erasers seemed to be worn down on both pencils by the ringer board which means there are lots of updates being made. Way to go ladies!

The five dollars will be charged to your account this month. We need at least two more players from the red tee boxes to make a flight for the red tees.

Golf Getaway - Our Ladies Club Fundraiser

Have you got your ticket for the golf getaway?

Tickets for the getaway (two rounds of golf at Salmon Arm Golf Club and Talking Rock Golf Course, overnight accommodation in Salmon Arm) and a gift basket are still available from any of the executive.

Draw will be made on August 19 at the Memorial Tournament.

Has the winning ticket been sold yet???

Congratulations to our Pros

Congratulations to Mike and Cody on placing 6th out of 50 teams from across BC at the PGA of BC Pro-Assistant Championship. Way to go guys!

These winning pros are available for lessons. Please see them in the proshop if you are interested.

GOLF 101
Consideration for Other Players

No Disturbance or Distraction: Players should always show consideration to other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking, or making unnecessary noise.

Players should ensure any electronic devices taken on the course do not distract other players. Ensure your phones are turned off or put them on vibrate.

On the teeing ground: A player should not tee her ball until it is her turn to play. Players should not stand close to, or directly behind the ball when a player is about to play.

Handicap Corner
Low Handicap Index

When you view your scoring history, one figure you will see is your LHI. But what is an LHI?

LHI stands for Low Handicap Index. It represents the demonstrated ability of a player over the last 365 day period.

Your LHI is re-evaluated every time a score is submitted. The LHI is used to limit upward movement of a handicap index. The hard cap triggers to restrict the amount by which a player’s Handicap Index can increase to no more than five strokes above their LHI.

So, if you are putting in scores that are higher than usual and there is no change to your HI, check your LHI. If the difference is 5, you have reached your hard cap. Your HI will not change until the LHI changes.

From the Pro Shop

June 26, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

Our first event was held on June 21. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you everyone for your feedback and we look forward to our next events.

The next 2 events will be on July 29th and August 19. Details will be coming soon.

The Club Championship will be held on September 11 and 12 and we look forward to hosting you.

Please check the ZONE 2 WEBSITE to check on tournaments in the region.

We have tickets for a gift basket which contains one round of golf for 2 at Salmon Arm Golf Club, 1 night accommodation at a hotel in Salmon Arm, one round of golf for 2 at Talking Rock, a bottle of wine, wine tumblers, and lots of golf accessories.

You can buy the tickets for $10.00 each at the proshop.

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain

Golf 101

Introducing a series of pointers from Golf Canada. We will put a few pointers in every newsletter. Feel free to suggest any pointers you would like us to share.

Ringer Board

Remember to enter your scores on the Ringer Board after Tuesday and Thursday League Play.

Home & Away

We had 8 ladies participate in this match playing at Predator on May 6 and the rematch was played at Sunset Ranch on June 18.

From the Handicap Chair
Please enter ALL your scores

Please enter all of your scores in Golf Canada regardless of whether you finished the game or how you played.

Pace of Play

Recently, some of our ladies have experienced long games (over 4 1/4 hours) with long waits on tee boxes and on the fairway.

The new rules of golf allow only 40 seconds to play your ball. It also allows only 3 minutes to look for a lost ball.

But there are numerous other little habits we can institute that will make a huge difference to the pace of play for everyone.

From the Pro Shop

June 9, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

Minutes from our last Executive meeting are posted on the COMMITTEES PAGE.

One of our very special lady members, Judy Stephens, has sadly passed away. We offer our sincere condolences to her husband Bill, son Bryce, sister Joanne, and all her family.

Make sure you join us for our first tournament of the season, the 3-Person 3-Tee Tournament! You can register through the GOLF GENIUS LINK or at the Pro Shop.

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain

Ringer Board

A reminder to submit your scorecards on League Play Days and to update the Board on Tuesday morning play, Tuesday Business Ladies or Thursday League play.

Home & Away

Two teams from Sunset Ranch played a round at Predator Ridge and the second round will be played at Sunset Ranch on June 18th.

Golf Genius Update

A reminder to go to the Golf Genius site from the SUNSET RANCH LADIES HOME PAGE to register for league play or tournaments. A bookmark on your phone might not recognize you as a registered user after a few times.

3-Person 3-Tee Tournament

The 3-Person 3-Tee Tournament is accepting registration until June 14th.

It will be a fun format with 6 holes Shamble, 6 holes Scramble and 6 holes Best Ball. The score cards will be ready for us and we look forward to our first tournament of the season.

Full information can be found on the 3-PERSON 3-TEE PAGE.

Ladies 2-Ball Tournament

We are pleased to offer this fun event once again. To-date we have 100 golfers entered. We have put together some great raffle prizes including a golf & hotel stay in Castlegar.

Make sure you don’t miss out. If you have any questions about this event feel free to email DIANE FEIST or SUZANNE BASSON.

Zone 2 News

There were 112 teams across the province who participated in the Golf BC Women’s Day Scramble. We had 7 teams from Sunset Ranch participate in the event.

Feedback was submitted that in future events, if proper notice was given, we could have more teams involved.

The draw was posted for the winners and there were none from Sunset Ranch.

We have received a poster from the Kamloops Golf and Country Club. They will be hosting the 2021 Gem Two Lady Tournament on August 7, 2021. The poster is on the bulletin board in the locker room. The link to the poster and registration form can be found on the ZONE 2 PAGE.


May 24, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

It appears that there will be some entries from Sunset Ranch for the Women’s Golf Day 2021. It will be interesting to see how many teams enter their cards.

Congratulations to June Klarenbeek for her Hole-in-One on #5 and Judy Hnit on #8. Congratulations to Liz Whitehouse for her Eagle on #18.

Please share all those accomplishments so we can spread the good news.

We have received a donation to the Ladies Club from Jana Ingram. Thank you Jana. We appreciate it.

We are aware that some members are not receiving our messages and newsletters. Our messages might be going in your Junk folder or the Spam folder. If you hear of anyone not receiving our messages, please ask them to add the following address to their contact list and it should fix the problem.

Name: Sunset Ranch Ladies Club
Email: clubcaptain@sunsetranchladiesclub.com

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain


There seems to be some confusion amongst us regarding the ruling on the event that the ball goes over the creek but rolls back in like on #5 or #13 or #18.

From the Handicap Chair

Have You Ever Wondered How Your Handicap Index is Calculated?

A player’s Handicap Index is a measure of a player’s demonstrated ability against the slope rating of a golf course of standard playing difficulty. (That is, a course with a slope rating of 113).


The 3 Lady team Tournament is scheduled for June 21. Format and Signup are being finalized and will be available on May 31.

It will be a fun event and we look forward to a great turnout for our first tournament of the season.

Pro-Shop Corner

There will be new items arriving in the Proshop in early June.

Make sure you check them out!

Ringer Board

The Ringer Board is up and running. You can submit your first card anytime on Tuesday or Thursday league days.

Don’t forget to update your scores on League Days.


April 25, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

The season is well on its way, the leagues have started and it is so satisfying to see so many ladies wanting to play in our leagues.

I attended the Zone 2 Ladies meeting via Zoom and the minutes are on our website, under Club Info>Zone 2 News and also on the Zone 2 website.

We have been notified that the Zone Chairperson has had to cancel the 2021 Zone Championship due to current health restrictions.

We are sending our most sincere appreciation to Acorn Communities who are sponsoring our Ladies Club, Ladies 2 Ball tournament and our weekly league play.
Our Thanks also go to Cheryl White, KFW Foods who has confirmed the continuing financial support for our Club Championship.

We are continually seeking sponsorships for our Club so please let us know if you know of any companies or individuals who might be interested in supporting us.

We have become aware that some of our lady members have suffered a loss. Dealing with loss is never easy and we are thinking of you and your families in these difficult times.

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain


We have several Member’s tournaments scheduled with the first June 21st being the 3 lady team event. Details will be coming closer to the date.


Heather Perrie and Lynda Braham, from our Welcome Committee, have contacted our new members this year with positive feedback. If you know of any new members who might have been missed, please let us know.

Pro-Shop Corner
"Clinic With The Pro" Update

Thank you Mike for the Clinic with the Pro program. It is a big success and we appreciate your help and continued support.

Ringer Board

The Ringer Board is set up to begin Tuesday May 4th. A box marked “Ringers” will be located on the table under the bulletin board in the ladies locker room.

Please place your score card in the box clearly indicating which tee the scores apply for. Your base scores from this card will be entered on the Ringer board for you. After that, you are responsible for entering all improved hole scores. The base scores will not be entered until after the first week in May so that participants can be listed in alphabetical order.

You can start in the Ringers competition at any time by depositing your scorecard in the box. You will not, however, be listed in alphabetical order but added to the end of the list.

Just a reminder that your account will be charged the $5 entry fee and all money collected will be distributed in prizes. Also, a reminder that only scores from Tuesday morning league and Thursday league can be used on the Ringer board. If you need more details regarding this competition please refer to the ladies website.

From the Handicap Chair

Judy Hnit has successfully completed the World Handicap System Certification with Golf Canada and BC Golf and has submitted the following information.

To enter or not to enter - that is the question

It was recently asked – Do we enter our scores when we are using temporary tee boxes and the sand traps are GUR.

The answer is – YES. Our course managers consulted Golf Canada who said the scores are acceptable to enter as is. It doesn’t change the regular play enough to change this.

Also, there seems to be some confusion between entering your score with Golf Canada now that we are using Golf Genius. At this time, Sunset Ranch is using Golf Genius for league and tournament play and there is no link to Golf Canada. It is the responsibility of each member to enter their own score with Golf Canada.

Entering scores for your handicap

A reminder to our members that players are expected, by Golf Canada and the World Handicapping System, to submit acceptable scores for ALL GAMES played to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability.

Rule 1.3 (i) - Your handicap index is based on your best 8 scores of the last 20 scores submitted. Failing to submit all scores will skew your handicap index and may give you an unfair advantage. Acceptable scores to be submitted include games played on days other than league days and scores at courses other than your home course, as well as all league games.

This includes games where all 18 holes are not completed. If 9 holes only are played, then a nine hole score MUST BE submitted. A score cannot be submitted if fewer than 7 holes are played. If seven to 13 holes are played, your nine hole score is submitted. If 14 (or 7) holes are played, the remaining unplayed holes are scored as net pars.

Acceptable hole scores are as follows:

  • Actual hole score
  • Net double bogey if your score reaches or exceeds this figure. (Net double bogey is Par + 2 + the number of strokes the player receives on that hole.)
  • Most likely score if you start the hole but do not finish. (Your most likely score cannot exceed your net double bogey.)
  • Net Par if you do not start the hole. (Net par is par + the number of strokes a player receives on that hole.)
Players are encouraged to pick up their ball from play once their net double bogey score has been reached if that hole is NOT being used to determine prizes. Eg, in the game T and F’s, on hole #5, a player would need to play out the hole and count her actual score. On hole #6, once a player reaches her net double bogey score, she is encouraged to pick up her ball and continue to the next hole. This is in the interest of speeding up play. An exception to this is on Tuesday Ladies League where the maximum score for a competition hole is 10.


Scoring a net par for a hole will come into play if play has to stop due to inclement weather or darkness or a match is finished before the final hole. A minimum of 14 holes must be completed to enter an 18 hole score using net par for the remaining unplayed holes and a minimum of 7 holes must be completed to enter a 9 hole score. (A hole is considered to have been played if it is started and the most likely score must be entered for that hole if it was not finished.) If a player plays more than 9 holes but fewer than 14, a 9 hole acceptable score must be submitted.

Your most likely score usually comes into play in a competition such as match play, or 2 ball competition when your opponent(s) concede the hole or your partner has posted a better score. The most likely score is:
  • The number of strokes already taken to reach a position on a hole, Plus
  • The number of strokes the player would most likely require to complete the hole from that position, plus
  • Any penalty strokes incurred during play of the hole.
Generally, if the ball is no more than 1.5 m (5 feet) from the hole +1 stroke, between 1.5 m and 20m from the hole +2 to 3 strokes depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player. More than 20 m from the hole + 3 or 4 strokes depending as above. The player determines the number of extra strokes.

NOTE: The most likely score can NOT exceed net double bogey. If it does, the net double bogey score is entered.


March 22, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

The golf season has started and it is a great feeling to be out there again, chasing that little white ball!

We have had to cancel our Spring meeting due to the Pandemic restrictions and will need to communicate more through our newsletter and website.

Refer to the website often and please, feel free to contact me or any member of our Executive Committee with any concerns or questions.

Marie-Anne Nason
Club Captain

Ladies Members Tournaments

With Covid restrictions cancelling with our usual Tournaments, we have been busy working with the Pro Shop on setting up some ladies member tournaments that we can manage on a smaller scale. These dates are:

  • June 21: 3 Lady Team Event
  • July 29 : 4 Lady Team event
  • August 17: Memorial Tournament
  • September 11/12: Club Championship
So… Save the Dates in your calendars as we continue to work through the details. When we are ready we hope we can count on you for some help running these events. It's a great way to develop your relationships with fellow members by getting involved.

Zone 2 Tournaments

This year the Zone 2 Amateur & Senior Championships Tournament is being held in Salmon Arm, on May 30 and 31st.

Entry forms are available on the Zone 2 Ladies Website at zone2ladies.com and also on our Sunset Ranch Ladies site.

Pro-Shop Corner
Spring Course Update

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a change in the White/Red Combo tee boxes this year. Hole #6 and #17 are now playing from the Red tees. The yardage from the Combo White/Red is now 5258 yards and last year the yardage was 5321 yards.

Please note that the Member’s Advance Booking Cards are available for pickup at the Proshop.

Ringer Board

We are re-introducing the Ringer Board and Judy Knit is coordinating that event.

What is it? The Ringer Board is a friendly competition among fellow Sunset Ranch Ladies leagues players. The challenge is for each player to improve their gross scores on each hole as the season progresses. For more information on how you can participate, visit the Ringer Board page.

Home & Away

Mary Jane is coordinating this event and has advised that there are still a few spots available. Please see details of the event on our Home & Away page.

Ladies Leagues
Tuesday & Thursday Leagues

We are looking for the start of League play. Tuesday April 13th and Thursday April 15th are the start dates.

If you haven’t already reached out to the appropriate league organizer, please remember to do so soon and continue to check our website for how to sign up and for regular updates.


March 1, 2021 Ladies Golf League Newsletter

Captain's Message

Ladies, I feel like spring is just around the corner and very soon, we will be back on the course once again. In the spirit of welcoming new and returning members, our team thought it was a good idea to share our finalized Mission Statement and Core Values.

I want to thank everyone for the response to the Survey we circulated in February.  We received 77 responses, which is remarkable.  It will assist the Executive in understanding what is expected of us. In fact, we have now posted the Ladies League Executive Meeting Minutes on our website as an example of your feedback along with some continued work on updating our website.


League & Club Information
Tuesday & Thursday Ladies Leagues

The Tuesday and Thursday morning ladies’ leagues have provided a spring 2021 update on our website.

Home and Away

Home and Away golf matches have been arranged with Predator Ridge in May, and Harvest Golf Club in August.

If you are interested in finding out more about dates, cost, availability and how to sign up, please refer to our website under Events.

It is important to note that we are limited in the number of participants who can participate. 

We are also planning for more golfing events throughout the season and will provide details as we go.

*FINGERS crossed that Covid-19 restrictions won’t interfere with these plans.

Mission Statement
Sunset Ranch Ladies Club

To promote active participation and friendly competition while having fun and encouraging fellowship with all Sunset Ranch Lady Members.

Core Values
What We CARE About

Continuous improvement and innovation.

Accountability to our members.

Respect and inclusion.

Encouragement and fostering a positive golf and social experience.

Pro-Shop Corner
Clinics with the Pro

Details to be released shortly.

Demo Clubs

Demo clubs and fitting carts have arrived. Call or email Pro-shop for details.

Simulator Booking

Simulator booking from 9:00 am to 9:00pm. If you would like a spot to get in some practice before the season begins or play a round call or book in advance.

Golf Bits
Rules Trivia

We have added a Rules Trivia section on our website under Golf Bits. Have some fun while you check out your knowledge of the rules.

Helpful Tips

We have also added a link to a full article on new evidence that indicates golf improves muscle strength and balance. Be sure to check it out on the Golf Bits page.

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